Monday, May 18, 2009

Drugs Urged for Swine Flu in Pregnancy

Drugs Urged for Swine Flu in Pregnancy

Curses, reporter - your title makes it sound like people are calling for prenatal vaccations.

What the article is actually about:

The risks that come with swine flu are so high for pregnant women (e.g., pneumonia, dehydration, premature labor), that the CDC is recommending treatment with Tamiflu, despite the fact that treatment with antivirals is not normally advisable during pregnancy.

The CDC now advises administering Tamiflu without delay if a pregnant woman begins to show flu-like symptoms, because at that point, the benefits of giving the drug outweigh the risks.

Usually not recommended because it has unknown effects on unborn children, Tamiflu is assumed to be relatively safe, although clinical trials do not exist for pregnant women.

Elaine Su
18 May 09

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