Monday, May 4, 2009

New and Hot- EID map

This is a really interesting article from BBC online:

It features a map of the world color coded by frequency over the last 65 years of emerging infectious diseases ( EIDs). It turns out they found a coorelation between 1. areas where animals are crowded out of their natural habitats and forced to encroach on man's domain (upwards of 60% of EIDs are linked to animals, mostly mammals genetically similar to humans) and 2. areas where there has been little funding to prevent diseases. Neither of these is particulary surprising but the result is a good one: in order to stop EIDs from beocming an increasing problem we have to reallocate money for disease prevention- the first world countries have the most resources and programs, but the "hot spots" for EIDs are often in the developing world. We also need to be more environmentally friendy and preserve native habitats to decrease disease spread from wild animals to humans. Helps the environment. Helps ourselves.

Map of world's Emerging Infectious Diseases hotspots

Katie Ridley

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