Thursday, May 14, 2009

On this day in history

-C. Paula de los Angeles

printed in the Chicago Tribune:

On this day in history

May 14, 2009

***On May 14, 1796, English physician Edward Jenner administered the first vaccination against smallpox to an 8-year-old boy.

In 1804 the Lewis and Clark expedition to explore the Louisiana Territory left St. Louis.

In 1948 (according to the current-era calendar), the independent state of Israel was proclaimed in Tel Aviv.

In 1973 the United States launched Skylab 1, its first manned space station.

In 1998 singer-actor Frank Sinatra died in Los Angeles; he was 82. Also in 1998 the hit sitcom "Seinfeld" aired its final episode after nine years on NBC.

In 2004 Britain's Daily Mirror published a front-page apology after photos purportedly showing British forces abusing Iraqi prisoners turned out to be fake.

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