Monday, April 27, 2009

Swine Flu at the FARM?! The On-Campus Response So Far...

As we are talking about lovely infectious diseases and how humans have (or should have) reacted to them in the past, I thought it might be interesting to look at the current response to swine flu back at Stanford. 
Below is the flyer being circulated by PHEs (Peer Health Educators) via dorm email lists, etc.

What do you think: 
Is this an acceptable response to the threat of swine flu on a college campus? Too much/too little? 

How is it similar to the efforts to contain other virulent diseases, and how is it different?


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  1. honestly I think that a lot of containing swine flu is the same as for any other disease and these kind of things like washing your hands, disinfecting silverware, and general hygiene should be common sense. Unfortunately, college kids aren't great at that, and that is how sickness spreads like wildfire within dorms. The PHE response has been going on forever, I know I always got reminders to the effect of washing hands, etc. But no one paid them much attention. This swine flu outbreak just makes us more aware of habits that we should integrate into our daily lives.